Investing in a Bare Ownership property in France

What does it mean to invest in a Bare Ownership property?This type of investment is based on the separation of ownership into "bare ownership" and "usufruct".An investment in bare ownership offers the best outlook in performance in a fully secure climate. The buyer receives, in the form of an immediate reduction of 40% to 50% on the purchase price, the equivalent of all updated rents, net of costs, taxes and charges, that he would have collected over the period had... Read more

Les avantages de l'investissement en Censi Bouvard

Quels sont les avantages investisseur? Le dispositif Censi Bouvard permet de bénéficier :D'une réduction d'impôt de 11 % du montant de l'investissementD'une récupération de TVAD'une rente locative défiscalisée jusqu'à 30 ansD'une rente sur le long termeDe la création d'un véritable patrimoine immobilierQuels critères pour choisir son investissement ? Ces avantages ne pourront être obtenus que si le choix se porte sur une résidence répondant à au moins deux critères parmi les trois suivants : 1... Read more

Fees in buying a property in France

Buying a Property in France: the Fees to be paid and by who?The main factorsThe fees associated with buying a property in France can be alarming. This page provides a checklist of what you as a buyer can expect to pay. The main factors that affect the level of fees are: - the age of the property (new houses attract lower charges) - the number of people involved (lawyers, mortgage companies, surveyors etc)- whether you buy or not, through an estate agent What allowance... Read more

What is a leaseback investment property in France?

What is a leaseback scheme? Purchase of a freehold property and granting of a lease to a ‘Holiday Company’ or "Management Company"who will pay you a guaranteed rental - the first initial lease will be for a period of 9 to 11 years on a fixed rental, normally inflation linked. The rent will be paid on a quarterly basis by the company regardless of whether or not, they rent out the property at all times. Refund of the TVA (VAT) which is 20% - this is according to a French law... Read more

Plus-values sur les terrains : le gouvernement revient à la charge

Plus-values sur les terrains : le gouvernement revient à la chargeThursday 14 March 2013Le « choc d'offre » annoncé dans la loi de finances pour 2013 n'a pas eu lieu. Sanctionné par le Conseil constitutionnel, le dispositif concernant les terrains à bâtir n'est pas entré en vigueur. Dans une réponse ministérielle du 5 mars, le gouvernement « entend engager une nouvelle réflexion », sur le sujet. Vers une énième réforme de la fiscalité des plus-values immobilières.Sur les plus-values... Read more

Latest mortgage offer from French banks

We have finally reached the bottom of the mortgage rates available in France see table below from Challeges March 2013

Price of new build properties in French Alps in 2013

You will find below the latest update on property Price in the Alps - source Challenges Feb 2013

Opportunities to invest in France right now?

Time to buy in France?According to the latest figures published by FNAIM - a major French real estate syndicate, it reveals that property sales in France fell by 25% in 2012. For those of you who have been searching for a long time for that ideal second home or investment property in France, 2013 could bring you the reduced prices you were expecting. It will surely provide many potential buyers with the perfect opportunity. The combination of the following factors:- Historically low... Read more

Economic outlook for Europe & France in 2013

Following a contraction of 0.5% in 2012 the Eurozone economy will stagnate in 2013 before growing by just 1.3% a year in 2014-16. Due to the economic environment unemployment will continue to rise throughout 2013, peaking at close to 20 million.Please download our PDF for further information

Save on Mortgage when buying a ski leaseback!

BUYING A SKI PROPERTY IN FRANCE OR A PROPERTY IN THE FRENCH ALPS/SWISS BORDER REGIONS?You can benefit from a Swiss Franc (CHF) mortgage! With rates currently at 2.85% fixed* for 20 year duration Swiss mortgages for a French property can allow you to lock into some of the lowest rates available in Europe for a mortgage.Capital repayment and interest only mortgages are available, as are tracker rate and capped rate mortgages.Early redemption penalties are applicable, however, borrowers have... Read more

Buy an off plan property in France

You can secure an off plan property (new build) that you have chosen with our real estate agency by signing a preliminary contract called "reservation contract" or in french "contrat de reservation". This contract will include details such as the floor area, number of rooms and outbuildings, property price along with an approximate date to sign the deed of sale, and in the case of a 'leaseback' programme, the lease contract. The first payment towards a leaseback purchase is... Read more

Loi Duflot - a new fiscal law for housing

Befoire Loi Duflot there was Loi Scellier, a tax reduction system of up to 21% of the investment amount, ceased to exist on 31 December 2012. Prerequisites to benefit fully from the tax exemption system of Loi Scellier were to invest in new-build energy-saving buildings and to commit to renting out the accommodation for a period of at least nine years. This commitment had to take place within 12 months following the achievement of the construction and rents couldn't exceed the levels... Read more

Paris: an Attractive European Capital to invest in for 'Pied

Paris: an Attractive European CapitalThe increasing popularity of short getaways and the arrival of tourists from the BRIC countries have been beneficial for European capitals. More than ever before, the size, quality and diversity of hotel facilities are key factors determining a city

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